Hi my name is Yanai, but mostly referred to as Gypsy Nai, because of my nature to wander the Earth.

I am a wild woman//daughter//sister//nurse//yoga teacher//growth activist//project starter, finisher of none//passionate self-explorer//seeker of the unknown//wild at heart//visionary//writer//lover of words that cut through flesh and vibrate the heart//hoarder of stories that reside deep within bones//wanderer of forests and mountain tops//aspiring homesteader//inspired by simplicity//healer of wounds//solitude craver//alchemist of wild women//unleashing my heart open, turning vulnerabilities into strength and guiding myself back home to the wild. I am ME Wild and Free.  

You did not find me…Your wild heart led you here.

I have a calling to ignite your tamed wings and guide you to find your wild. The wild resides in each one of us, deep within our bones, flows in our blood to every beat of our heart and lives caged among our ribs. So unbind your wings and undress your soul, and take flight for the wild awaits your return. I want to inspire YOU, to empower YOU to live your raw, authentic self, to fall in love with your wounds for they tell your story and to live outside the boundaries that society deems necessary. 

May my stories and vulnerability be a mere inspiration for you.


I have had to learn how to care for my own wounds. Wounds that bleed deep within, strip off layers from my guarded heart and reveal my broken fragments.  Its been a journey, but as I sit here sharing my story, my heart beats with life and with each inhale my ribs crack open releasing my breath and I would not have it any other way. My nursing career has helped me care for the physically wounded, but its time to help guide the ones that cry within. Lets pick up the pieces and create your beautiful masterpiece called life. You are not broken, you just have to unbind your wings and re-learn to love to fly again. 

Let me tell you about one of my healing wounds:

I was born on March 27, 1982 and raised in Miami, but on Jan 5 2005 my life changed forever, my breath ceased and my heart hid. My mother took her last breath of life at the young age of 45 after a short battle with breast cancer.  My life spiraled down a dark, lonely hole, but no one knew. My family was broken, but no one talked about the open wound bleeding from within each of us. Life had to go on. I had to be strong; vulnerability was a weakness in my household.  I was working as a nurse in the same ER and hospital my mom spent her last days of life.  I surrendered my pain to help heal the pain of others, but soon thereafter I could not hide my grief and pain any longer. I became submissive to alcohol and drugs to numb myself and since I was 23 it was "normal" behavior. So I partied harder, it was a cry to the world but no one seemed to notice, not even myself. I lived in disguise, but my tears became too heavy to bear behind my mask.  I awakened one morning and a voice deep down told me "this is not you" and it was then I packed my bags and moved out to California in 2009.  With pain and grief in my heart, I slowly began to climb out of my own demise and seek my own healing. My moms death was ironically an awakening.  In 2010 I took a travel assignment to the Big Island of Hawaii. Isolated from the world, I wandered off the beaten paths, immersed myself in waterfalls, cultivated my practice to yoga and was surrounded by all things nature. I began to reconnect with myself. I found my breath, but most importantly I found my life.  In 2012 I went on my first overnight backpacking trip to the Grand Canyon, here I learned something way deeper then my blisters or bruises ever could. I was finally able to feel what I had been numb to for so long. My mothers passing had left me desensitized, I was walking the Earth with no feeling and a closed heart. Every adventure thereafter left me more physically wounded then in previous years, but at the same time I was breaking down walls, letting go of fears and exposing old wounds open to mend from the depths within.  It is in these vast and isolated spaces within nature where I began to heal and learn the art of "letting go". I found internal peace in being present and living for the moment.  I look at these time lapses and can not believe it took me so long to tap into my soul, but its been a work in progress to uncover layer by layer of pain, grief, fear, self-doubt, and isolation which kept me from living and suffocated. 

.My move to California led me to begin to live my life.  On my 30th birthday I took my birthday abroad, backpacking through Thailand and Australia. My passport has taken me to Europe, Adventuring through Patagonia, solo-climbing Mt. Fitz-Roy. I have summited Mt. Whitney, seen the world above the clouds atop the Grand Tetons at 14,000ft,  slept underneath the stars in Yosemite, experienced the spiritual culture within Bali and their joy in simplicity,  road tripped the entire west coast of California. These are just a few of the profound travel experiences that have enabled me to breath and live.  In 2015 I received my 200hr Yoga Teacher Certificate. It was a blend of adventure, travel, yoga and nature that has and continues to provide a safe haven to unleash my heart open.  

For the past three years, I have felt called to guide others into the journey of self-love, letting go, connecting to the rawest and purest beats of our hearts, stripping away our fears, empowering and inspiring to break away from their comfort zone to find their wild . My flows are wildly inspired by nature, merging breath and movement to create space and stillness to surrender to what is and letting go of what was. My thought-provoking meditation, encourages growth of the physical, mental and spiritual bodies. You will be inspired with a new breath for life. I believe life is an adventure, so get ready to spread your wings and fly. 

With Intention,

Gypsy Nai