Heart Healing Session- Initial Consultation

Heart Healing Session (1).jpg
Heart Healing Session (1).jpg

Heart Healing Session- Initial Consultation


A Meeting of the Hearts- 75-90min

A conscious and safe space to release the heavy, the deep and the sticky that is caged within out hearts. Together we will navigate the murky path and unravel the threads. This space allows you to go beyond the mind and dig deeper into your hearts desire. 
Intuitive guidance and support with Yanai, a registered nurse, yoga practitioner, heart healer.

Our initial consultation will include an assessment, therapeutic conversation and a guided meditation to get clear on your journey to self love, self healing, inspiration and growth all while being completely supported! 

A holistic approach weaving together:
Personally curating your own healers needs, combining one or more of the following modalities:

Yoga, Breath-Work, Aromatherapy, Meditation & Plant Medicine inspired by Earth🍃

Send your hearts love letter to Earthroomcollective for more information.

Virtual or In Person Sessions Available

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