My intention is to inspire, integrate and encourage growth through my offerings on Earth.

I aim to build an experience that will inspire your own healing journey

I am here to share a collection of stories from my

wandering feet, gypsy soul and wild heart.


From my HEART space to yours

I welcome you to take off your shoes, open your hearts, and arrive

~Gypsy Nai 






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Yanai D. Calderon

I am an ER nurse with 12+ years of experience, yoga practitioner, writer, heart healer, breath work and meditation guide, facilitator of women's circles. After the loss of my mother at the young age of 22, I experienced a long undefined loss. It was not until I packed my bags and moved across country to California and Hawaii that I began to heal my heart. Although, I spent my time caring for the sick in busy emergencies, it was the art of yoga and nature that tapped into my wounds. I recall my first ever overnight backpacking trip into the Grand Canyon in 2012, it was here where my soul met Mother Earth's heartbeat. A romance was born and this deep rooted love continues to be my teacher and guide through my personal journey.  I have hiked above 14,000ft in the Grand Tetons, camped out in isolated deserts, backpacked through Australia, Thailand, Bali and Patagonia. I am truly a wandering gypsy soul. 

This space was created as a tangible string from my heart space in hopes to share the unconditional love and impact Gaia, Mother Earth can have on our souls. My stories, passions, dreams intricately weave a unique piece to share to the world. This space is just that. A collection of my stories gathered from my wandering feet as I continue to roam this Earth. 

My classes are wildly inspired blending powerful rhythmic flows merging the power of breath and movement with intention. I also lead women empowerment circles, have guided Wild Women Bloom Yoga Retreats, Guided "BeYOUtiful Meditation and Yoga Class at the Sharp Women's Health Convention in San Diego (2017), guest speaker "Finding your Wild" at Unwrap the Best You in Cocoa Beach, FL (2018) and been a guest teacher at the Yoga Expo World in Ft. Lauderdale (2018).