Keep Climbing Upward & Looking Forward

Keep Climbing Upward & Looking Forward

Manitou Springs, a small historical, artisan mountain community. "Manitou" a native American word meaning "great spirit" is nestled between The Garden of the Gods and Pikes Peak and has 8 natural carbonated mineral springs in town. There is a famous hike up called Manitou Incline. It is a 1 mile trip incline with a 2,000 feet elevation gain and 68% grade at the steepest point. 
As written in 2016 Running Competitor:
 "there’s no mincing words. It’s relentlessly steep and a ferocious challenge"

Our Shadow Side

We rarely question our happiness or suppress the feeling of joy to the world. Yet, when the hardships, the fears, insecurities and our shadow side appears, we run or hide. We try to put on a facade, because well; no one wants to deal with our cry, we do not want to seem dramatic or weak, no one is going to listen, ego does not want self pity and so forth. Who the heck made this shit up?

Living Inspired

Living Inspired

Remember, when we were kids and we colored, danced, sang, played with play doh and in sandboxes (do kids even play in these anymore?). Then as we grow older we find ourselves slowly drift further away from that joy.  Maybe you followed through with your artistic craft be it through the arts, sports, music or whatever else, but now your drawing canvas is stored in the garage and used as a drying rack or your guitar is now home for cobwebs in storage. I mean the "arts" was a "special" kind of craft for certain types of people. My stick figure drawings and my high-pitched voice did not get me anywhere near a career in the arts. Then life happens. You know finish college, get married, buy a house, have kids, get old, and die The End.

10 Self Care Rituals

Lately I have been undergoing lots of change, both external and internal. Balancing both my professional career and my creative living.  Preparing for my big move back to Florida in 2 months, as well as reminding myself to be present and enjoy the here. Making time to share with friends, be it over coffee or supporting them in their new endeavors.  Among all this, the self care has taken a back seat, because the rest seems to take priority.

Here are a few of my Self Care Rituals:

Prescription: Self Care Love

Dose: Repeat as needed (no hazard in overdosing)

1. Disconnect- In a highly stimulating digital world, we are attached to our phones. Take time away from scrolling, emailing, texting. Allow the mind and fingers to take a day off. 

2. Re-connect with Nature- Go for a walk in a park, lay out on the beach. Go somewhere where mother nature tends too. Breath in the fresh air, awaken all your five senses.