Choose Life, Don't Just Live!

I have jumped off a perfectly working plane to go Sky Diving and yet its not death that I chase, or consider myself a full blown adrenaline junky, but I am addicted to living and expereincing everything this world has to offer. I have many friends and strangers say "I wish I can do that", "I live vicariousley through you", but what stops you from doing what I do. I am a simple girl, who sustains a career to pay for my apartment, my bills and stll have "adult" responsibilites, but perhaps the difference is my mentality. I CHOOSE to make time to live, I do not allow, my responsibilites to define me, but rather pursing my dreams is ultimately what I want to be defined by. On the contrary to Lady Gaga "I was not born this way", among my journey filled with ups and downs, challenges and obstacles I have brought awareness to "life". There is no guidebook on how to live, therefore create your own, we have that autonomy. If at one point the idea of "I wish I can do that" has ever crossed your mind, rather sit and ask yourself "What can I do to do it". and DO IT! 

Do not blame time, for time is something we humans have created, to encumber us from actually living in the moment. Ever notice, the beginning of the year all the ideas of "new years resolutions?" Why must we wait till then? You can start today, pursing what you want to do! It does not have to be any extreme adventure, it can be from going to the movies alone, on your way from work, take a detour to go watch the sunset, make time for yourself, you have always wanted to paint, do it, wether you are good or not, who cares? Its what you want to do! You want to travel somewhere, do it, don't sigh and say "I wish, or one day".  I'm an avid explorer, I push my boundaries to never limit myself to try anything, its those times that perhaps I feared, that have opened up an array of possibilities on my dreams and passions. Its the small changes in life, we do that impact us the most. We choose our life, your are not enslaved to the monotony of unhappiness.  

.:~*Gypsy Nai*~:.