We All Start Somewhere...

I am getting ready to embark on my 4th annual summit seeking adventure in the Grand Teton. I look forward every year for the new physical challenges I will face, but with the physical comes the emotional and mental challenge that I will endure and I seek that as part of my growth . 

I finished watching Melissa Arnot documentary on how she started mountaineering and holds title for summiting Mt. Everst 5x's. I was truly inspired with her story. She lets us know that she was not this avid hiker, even growing up in the mountians of Montana. She demonstrates us that we all start somewhere, with no knowledge of how to rock climb, she put herself out there to ask, learn and expereince it all. Sometimes we doubt our own abilities in trying something, going somewhere or following a passion, because we compare ourselves to our idols and build a wall of insecurity.What we tend to forget is the fact that "everyone starts somewhere" You do not know where your path may lead to, unless you take risks in trying. 

I have been curious to know what drives some people, I find it so inspiring to hear stories from people who took a risk and how its changed their life and turned into a passion they grow with. 

Where Do I Start:

Ask yourself what have you been wishing to do or try?

Look it up, research, read, contact people and ask them and learn from them. You will come across some people who are closed off with not sharing their knowldge, do not let that discourage you, because their are plenty of open hearts who are willing to teach. 

Take the risk, try it today, don't wait till tomorrow

Its okay if your not GREAT or GET IT the first time around, be patient with yourself. 

Learn and Share its a gift

If it was not all that you expected, then you did not lose anything, but rather gained an experience. Take the time to process it and enjoy the journey, not the destination

Face your fears...its moments like these that build your character, you grow and learn so much about yourself. 

We all are evolving humans..There is no reason why we should not continue to explore the endless possibilities this world has to offer. 

.:~*Gypsy Nai*~:.