Feng Shui The Mind

Feng-Shui….took me a while to acquire the proper pronunciation, as many know I have a beautiful rolling of the tongue with a dash of Colombian accent and sometimes I create a funny new twist to the word, ask my boyfriend.

Feng-Shui as defined: is a Chinese art or practice of creating harmonious surroundings that enhance the balance of the yin and yang, spatial arrangement and orientation in relation to the flow of energy. Some of you may practice this intentionally or even unintentional. Perhaps you recall your mom say "don't put that there, it will bring bad energy" or heard of the "7 year curse if you break a mirror." Many cultures carry their own myths/belief systems that we either choose to believe or not or just plain think its bizarre. The amazing thing is that whatever your preference is, their is a connection between your "positive" and "negative" way of thinking. Best example I can give…the whole "glass half full or hall empty". Key word: PERCEPTION.
You can believe that "crossing a black cat is a negative omen" or transition your mind to a neutral way of thinking (be it a black, blue cat, pig, or chicken crossing the road it does not take any effect on you, well maybe if you see a blue cat?) or you may shift the mind to viewing it as a positive omen,  It does not just stop there. You have to "actively" persuade your own thoughts, an active exercise for your brain (PS the brain is an organ that behaves as a muscle) The deeper I dive into the practice of "mindfulness" it has taken me on a journey, tapping into areas that were perhaps slumber in my mind. Trust me the active practice can seem overwhelming sometimes as where this blog is leading too.

Ever heard of "monkey mind?" As defined is a Buddhist term meaning "unsettled, restless, capricious; whimsical; fanciful; inconstant; confused; indecisive; uncontrollable". Now take all these words and go observe a monkey. Not convinced yet, now place a monkey next to a koala bear. I am a visionary so that helps my mind define the world of words.

Now that you know what "monkey mind" looks like, do you recall a moment or moments like these? Well…let me share my story; Sit back I can get wordy.

The older we get we begin to develop awareness, wisdom and increase our responsibilities, which in turn, transition to "things to do" list….or posts it (everywhere)…guilty!
Meditation and the act of being aware of my breathe has truly helped me "calm and quiet" this monkey mind.  Observing my inhalations and exhalations, something we do so innate. This is just the beginning of the art of mindfulness. Creating space to be present and not tied to inanimate "things" clustered in our minds. I have been practicing yoga for 6 years, but its been the last 2 years, where I truly have begun to grasp the true essence of it all and I am still a work in progress. It has been a beautiful and bumpy journey to understanding the "self" from an observer point of view.

Well, I hit a road block (one of many, but I a chose to share this one). No yoga, no breathing, no warm tea, no writing my thoughts was helping me quiet the mind. Even the "introvert" self was having a hard time handling my thoughts. I mean if I can paint a picture with all the thoughts on a white canvas, it would have probably ended all black with very few white space and you could probably not make out a single word on their. I mean I could not. Ask me what one thing I was particularly hung up on…no clue. I seriously felt my mind was going through some short circuit. Trying to "sleep it off", nope that did not work. I noticed my physical body felt exhausted and I could not understand. I mean, I had not done any physical activity, I had been resting home from my vacation and had not returned to work yet. I would sit on my floor to attempt to breathe, and words just fired through at the speed of light. I would try and breathe harder, nope not happening, the force of it was even more frustrating. Even a part of me said "accept" that your not feeling it. Ok, sit here in this messy mind and just wait for my brain to blow up and be ready to call "911" when the fire sets off?

I got up from my couch and went into my bedroom and said aloud "I want to rearrange my bedroom" (another one of the zillion of thoughts buried in my skull) so I began to move my furniture. The minute I moved my bed and found myself cluttered with little to no space to move around trying to coordinate new functional positions, I was finally tuning away from my thoughts and being "present." I wiped off dust in dark corners that had not been exposed in 4 years, since I moved into my apartment. I moved furniture around, I got into drawers and got rid of things I  no longer make use of. When I was done with my room, I felt this chilly breeze sweep in through my windows, I felt a sense of accomplishment, but with that came feelings of space, openness and my mind seemed to have eased. I literally felt physically and mentally "decluttered." Then I just moved into the rest of my apartment. When I threw out my garbage and disposed of it into the big garbage bin in my apartment complex, I felt this feeling of bliss. I walked into my apartment and smudged the air with sage and cinnamon, cleansing out my area from any thing that no longer serves me. I felt this immediate since of "space". I had physically done something that synergistically created room mentally. I decluttered, which in turn helped tidy up my mind. I repositioned furniture which in turn allowed me to create spatial arrangement to allow the flow of energy.  I needed to create "space" to allow my breath to flow freely, which was being succumbed into tight crevices.

I Feng-Shuied my mind. Go Feng-Shui yours. 


.:~*Gypsy Nai*~:.