We All Want To Grow

Remember science class learning about plant growth and development? When we got the chance to plant a seedling and watch it grow.

I close my eyes and remember what my science room looked like, I recall the plastic clear cups where we planted our kidney bean all lined up in a row. We watched that little kidney bean sprout, then grow roots, observing the first stem and leaves begin to bud and although every seedling grew at a different rate. As a young kid, this was magic!

Years go by and the innocence of childhood bliss gets replaced by adult responsibilities that do not seem so blissful or as magical as when observed from the eyes of a child.

You must be asking where is she going with this story? Well... all grown now not really; I truly believe that we are always growing until the day we retire our meat suit and leave Earth or do we leave? (a whole different topic)  Do you not get it? 

We are that seed! Our parents gave birth to a little seedling (us) and helped us sprout and as the years go by we grow a little more, perhaps moments in life we feel stagnant, we feel deprived of what we may need; be it sun or water. Or maybe we encounter darkness, rough winds or cold frosty winters. But amongst what EACH and EVERY SINGLE ONE of US seedlings have or may encounter, we have the option to continue to grow. Even the oldest tree has encountered its challenging moments. We must learn how to adjust and adapt to be able to thrive. We have a tendency to look around on how fast others are growing and compare, that we loose our attention on ourselves and our own personal growth. Some of us have become lost with the process of growth, but you see you BEAUTIFUL seedling we never stop growing! Whether you feel well rooted, big, tall, with healthy leaves, there you stand among the world, with a core that tells your story; your triumphs and struggles and there is more to write and experience.  I am using the "plant" analogy merely as a symbolism to our own physical, emotional and spiritual growth.  I am a visionary and have always had quite the imagination growing up (think Drop Dead Fred). 

I want you to close your eyes for a minute, imagine yourself as a seedling and observe how far you have come in this place called Life. Do you feel rooted? What does your bark look like? What do your leaves look like? Do you bear fruit or do flowers bloom? 
Take a minute to tap into your inner core to explore your growth. Breathe, because your alive. Let nothing stand in your way to continue to grow. What inspires you? What have you always wanted to do or be? Submerge yourself into the unknown, for its then you will expand your roots a little deeper or perhaps a moment where another branch or new leaf will unfold or a part of  yourself  will finally release and let go which no longer serves you. 

Never Stop Growing

"Adapt the pace of nature, her secret is patience"
~Ralph Waldo Emerson 

.:~*Gypsy Nai*~:.