Wild Heart; Wild Soul

What does it mean to be wild and free…?

I began to read Judy Reeves "Wild Women, Wild Voices; writing from your authentic wildness" and just within the first few pages, something within me stirred. The words lingered in my head and swirled in my soul. Wild woman, the kind who dances on table tops, dresses up in her highest heels and seduces her suitors with just her eyes. Well, I was that kind of Wild Woman in my early 20's, but that Wild Woman has transformed into this unique, powerful, confident, alluring and independent soul capturing, earth moving life force. I am a"Wild Woman". The type of woman, who seeks to let her inner being free, who is not afraid to speak her truth, aims to learn new things and challenge herself, not influenced by what society deems appropriate for a woman my age. A woman who yearns to love herself so deeply, rather then surrendering completely to someone else's love. A woman who gets lost in the pursuit of her own happiness, who submerges herself into the depths of her own soul to understand every cell of her core. I am different, well we all are different, but some women easily succumb to who they think they should be and some never even see the possibility of discovering beyond who they think they are. I have had this opportunity in my life, this re-awakening and when I jumped on the wild ride to self discovery, I came to realize there is no other unpaved path I would rather be. The unknowing has always been so captivating. I do not just want to dream of going to the end of the Earth. I want to be at the end of the Earth.

Have you ever thought…I wish I can do that? I am not that talented? I wish my life was different? I can never do that? She is so lucky? ...Do me a favor and go sit in front of a mirror, stare at yourself for a full minute. Stare deep into your eyes, do not let your thoughts deter you into the negative self talk. Stare deeply at the beautiful human being deep within it's core. Place your hand over your heart. You feel that? Move your hand to your belly, watch how with each deep inhale your chest expands and your belly rises. You are breathing. You are alive. Now ask your self: Who are you…?
Did you answer; I just a mom, a teacher, a girlfriend, a student, an artist. Now dig deeper…no titles, what are your visions? Your dreams? Your talents? Your unique skills? There is no such thing as being "one thing". We are "wild and free" souls to be whomever we have dreamt of. The challenge is we allow "life" to get in the way and define us and place us in a "category" so the rest of the world can relate to us.

About me: I am 34 years old with no kids and do not own my home. I went to school and got my Bachelors in Nursing, been an ER nurse for 10+ years, I have been practicing yoga for 6 years  and 2 years ago I received my Yoga Teacher Certification, I have been free-lance writing since back in the days when pink diaries with lockets were cool. I have traveled to 5 out of 7 continents. Backpacked throughThailand and Australia. I have lived in Hawaii as a travel nurse, hiked through Patagonia, the Grand Canyon, and summited Mt. Whitney and the Grand Tetons, gone skydiving and scuba dived in the Great Barrier Reefs, I am a novice to gardening and I love watching documentaries the list can go on. Now can you categorize me on who I am?

I am Wild and Free. I am a woman who wants to explore every facet of life to the fullest. I want to try it all. I want to experience and feel things. I want to tap into what awakens my soul, not the soul of others, your parents, your significant other or your children. YOU!!! To be able to love to its core, one must be able to fully immerse yourself in your own self love, into your passions, into the wild woman that you are. Leave your student suit, your mom suit, your business suit aside and find you wings and fly freely amongst this world of endless possibilities, soar high and seek the unknown. Do not leave this Earth just being. Leave this earth breathing to your full capacity, feeling every cell in your body moving, loving yourself until your last heart beat. Re-awaken and discover the wild in you. Let it seep through your pores. Take the road less traveled, even if you find yourself alone, because its then that you discover who you really are. Its then you can allow your skin to shed and bare your soul. Take a deep breath, place your palm on your heart and repeat after me: "I am a Wild Woman". Get lost into self discovery and I will see you at the end of the Earth.


.:~*Gypsy Nai*~:.