10 Self Care Rituals

Lately I have been undergoing lots of change, both external and internal. Balancing both my professional career and my creative living.  Preparing for my big move back to Florida in 2 months, as well as reminding myself to be present and enjoy the here. Making time to share with friends, be it over coffee or supporting them in their new endeavors.  Among all this, the self care has taken a back seat, because the rest seems to take priority. The full moon and Mercury retrograde can be playing a role in all this as well. My physical body begins to fire off clues, restless nights, decrease in energy, cravings for unhealthy foods, excuses to  As a nurse and yoga teacher my role as a "healer" is of precedent, providing space for others to heal. I also noticed that as much as I have made an effort to surround myself with inspiring positive people, all that positive energy can become overwhelming. We need to be supportive to others dreams and passions, but we need to allow space for us to cultivate a frequency of giving and receiving of listening and speaking.  Creating a healthy boundary is of utmost importance. We all tend to juggle a few different roles in this lifetime and balance seems to be a constant chase to live grounded.

Here are a few of my Self Care Rituals:

Prescription: Self Care Love

Dose: Repeat as needed (no hazard in overdosing)

1. Disconnect- In a highly stimulating digital world, we are attached to our phones. Take time away from scrolling, emailing, texting. Allow the mind and fingers to take a day off. 

2. Re-connect with Nature- Go for a walk in a park, lay out on the beach. Go somewhere where mother nature tends too. Breath in the fresh air, awaken all your five senses. 

3. Immunity Wellness Shot- Start your day with a warm glass of water and half a lemon juice squeezed or enjoy a wellness shot at your local juice store (wheatgrass, ginger, turmeric) Fuel your cells and blood.

4. Walk Barefoot- Enjoy 10-15min "Earthing". When we walk wether at work or running errands, we wear shoes walking on pavements, creating a barrier between us and mother earth. Take your shoes off and feel the sand or grass between your toes.

5. Read a Book- No your emails and the newspaper does not count. Take your mind off "real" time and dive into a fantasy, a travel book, a documentary.

6. Move & Breathe Slowly- Take a hatha or restorative yoga flow. Maybe even sitting at the park or in the comfort of your home begin to move. Listen to the inhale and exhale of your breath and let it be your guide. Just move slowly.

7. Cleanse your Aura- We all have an "aura" or energy wheel that protects and surrounds our physical body. Meditate and cleanse your space from negative energy with a smudge stick.

8. Sensual Baths-seduce yourself, invite your body to undress and soak in to a long bath, fresh flowers and herbs, epsom salt, pintrest has tons of ideas for DIY bath bombs, play some music, light some candles. Awaken the senses of your feminine body and be grateful for all its parts, rolls, wrinkles, and dimples. 

9. Entice your Palette- After robing up from your long bath. fill your tummy with nutrient food, filled with flavor. 

10. Journal- Take 5min to explore how you feel from a day of self love. What came up? How does your body feel? What mental shifts occurred? What did you nurture? 

*Remember Repeat As Needed