Living Inspired

Remember, when we were kids and we colored, danced, sang, played with play doh and in sandboxes (do kids even play in these anymore?). Then as we grow older we find ourselves slowly drift further away from that joy.  Maybe you followed through with your artistic craft be it through the arts, sports, music or whatever else, but now your drawing canvas is stored in the garage and used as a drying rack or your guitar is now home for cobwebs in storage. I mean the "arts" was a "special" kind of craft for certain types of people. My stick figure drawings and my high-pitched voice did not get me anywhere near a career in the arts. Then life happens. You know finish college, get married, buy a house, have kids, get old, and die The End.

Alright perhaps a bit dramatic! But that is the mere backbone of "life" with a few joyous moments, like graduating college, your first car, buying your first house, but that joy is short lived. Chances are your career is not one you thought it would be, or maybe that dream house is one that is driving you insane to up keep.
The board game "Life' sold me on a much colorful way to live.
The overall concept of life can be visually beautiful, but behind the curtains lies some blah colored canvas in desperate need of bright colors, new tunes and a whole lot of inspiration. Whether you live alone or with your family, cat or dog; the monotony of clock in and clock out, count your days until the weekend, or await for the bliss of holidays, birthdays or vacations can make the game called life seem like an eternity, only to drown your days of life shorter. You see "living inspired" daily is a craft, one you can begin to create and guess what you do not need a $1500 canvas, be a painter like Picasso or even know how to play a guitar (please note all these are attainable if you choose to try, perhaps not be Picasso, but your own kind of Picasso)
Okay! So how do you "live inspired"?  How do you begin to shift your routine into something more inspirational.

Ask yourself these three questions:
1.    Is the work you are doing fulfilling?

2.    What do you enjoy doing?

3.   Who inspires you? 

Take your time to tune into yourself.  Not the superficial, society driven, money driven ego self. Like what makes you simply happy? 

Next bring these 3 elements and create your new palette for living inspired.

* Release- let go of what no longer serves you (friends, work, relationships, resentments)

*Recreate-Every night we die with the moon and are born with the sun, so recreate your new life. 

*Reinvigorate-Tap into your all your senses to awaken your craft, seek it in nature, food, music. Try new things or reawaken your passions. 

When you shift perspective from routine to living inspired, ones desires begin to awaken and seep from your pores. You will notice you begin to see things differently, your senses will be heightened, and your inner child will come to life. 

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Live, Love, Breathe

Gypsy Nai