A Travel Love Affair

Wanderlust .jpg


I had an affair...romanticizing through unknown streets.

I can feel your soft whispers between my legs as my flowy dress dances in the wind and the sun kisses me oh so softly, its tantalizing. You can make out the silhouette of my laced panties amongst the sheer fabric that moves with the rhythm of my hips.

My eyes are wide open and captivated by the sights. I see the way you look at me, teasing me through streets and alleys, shining just enough light to guide me into the dark corners, flirting with my every step on the cobblestone streets. You capture all my senses. The vibrant colors of textures laid out in the open aired markets, to the different spices that linger beneath my nose, my touch meets yours when I graze my hand against ancient sculptures, and it lures me in. I want to know you. Tell me your ancient story.  My lips crave your taste, I am eager to taste that cultural sensory of a different tongue. Will the flavors be long and rich, short and sweet or passionate and savory. I will never forget the way my tongue twirls, how the inside of my cheeks tighten and my body tingles within. My auditory is heightened by the language swirling in my ears, although I may not understand; I can see the universal language of happiness among the locals.

I love the feeling of wandering the streets aimlessly, yet with purpose, in search for something; for someone. I do no know who or what, but its a game of mystery I thirst for. You always seem to welcome me, you make me feel like I belong. I observe the way people talk or how they dress and I long to blend in. 

Morning coffees and sunset wines just taste so different when I am with you. You bring out the sensual, untold story woman in me. You manage to unlock my caged heart and allow me to feel and be free. 

Every minute I spend with you from the minute I wake up to the time you tuck me into the bed with the moon I feel alive! I feel desired! I want more of you. When I am alone with you wandering the streets I experience this deep awareness within myself. By the end of this short lived travel love affair, I feel I know you, but in reality I have begun to know myself. You give me just enough to excite me, you get me asking myself shall I stay a bit longer, you make me forget who I was and remind me who I want to become. 

Every love affair must come to an end. I long for you until we meet again on a distant dirt road, out in the deep blue sea, amidst the mountain peaks, in ancient temples, or dancing in the city square under the moonlight. You will forever be my love affair. 


Travel Far

Gypsy Nai