A Total Eclipse of My Heart


I was 1 of millions who got to experience Mother Earths extradonaire magic show. It's been 38 years since the sun and the moon have come together in pure harmony within the lower 48 states. My boyfriend and I drove up 6 hours to Columbia, SC which was within the "Path of Totality" to be in view of  the total eclipse. We ventured into Lake Murray and set up on the park and patiently waited along with families, kids, and their dogs. The sun was bright and tantalizing on my skin, my pores opened allowing drop after drop of sweat to roll off my body. I tried to sit in stillness tuning out the outside chatter and began to breathe deeply tuning in and grounding myself. Every so often I would look up to the sun (with my uber cool glasses) to find a slow game of pac-man eating up the sun. As it made its way across the sun and reached a half crescent moon, I noticed a slight change in the temperature. My body was not sweating any more and a modest breeze trickled past my skin. People around were beginning to say aloud "its close". We walked over to the pier, sat up on the ledge and looked up watching the shadow begin to dance away with the remaining light of the sun. I removed my glasses and looked at the sky surrounding the lake and noticed it begin to take on greyish hues with shades of pink and the cool breeze swiftly kissed my skin. I looked up again to find the last gleaming corner of light and boom the moon and sun kissed. The art piece that we were left to marvel on was this magical, soul filled masterpiece crafted by the cosmos. A dark inner core with midnight skies and a crown of light that lit the circle in unity, as a whole. It was awe inspiring! Something within me moved deeply, a shift of gratitude and bliss as my eyes filled with emotional tears. I am ALIVE! I am here witnessing pure magic on this Earth, in unity with everyone around me. I felt the presence of my mother among the skies. I was overwhelmed with such light and darkness at the same time. A beautiful reminder that even among our own darkness, there is light and beauty. That even among the darkest of days, light will follow. After 2 minutes the dark skies began to re-awaken with light, while the moon hid. It was a an amazing 2 minute phenomenon fully present in Mother Earths magic show embraced by the cosmos. Next one will be in 2024 so mark your calendars and make it a point to experience it once in your lifetime. 




Sun & Moon Kissed

Gypsy Nai