Where is my Root Chakra???

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Have you heard of the 7 chakra systems? Chakras, also referred to as energy wheels align from the base of the spine to the crown of the head. The prana or "life force" of these subtle energies is where matter and consciousness meet. Just like we need to keep our physical bodies well nourished with healthy foods, hydrated and exercise, it is important to nourish our mind and soul. Where focus goes, energy flows. 

3 months ago I packed my bags, terminated my position as an ER nurse from 2 hospitals I worked at and gave up my yoga classes. I sold a few household items from my apartment (couch, bed and dresser), the remaining items fit in plastic containers and a few boxes. I left my 8.5 year relationship with California to begin two new relationships.  I was to begin a new relationship from my once home Florida and the other with a man I have fallen in love and has captivated my heart with a 2 year long distance romance. 

I sit here typing this on a roll away desk I pulled outside my boyfriends gym, overlooking the river, feeling the humidity between my fingers and the keyboard, their is an eerie feeling in the air, as the wind blows heavy past my skin and hair, listening to the rustling of the palm trees swaying, birds flying in groups chirping loudly, the clouds above moving swiftly in every shade of grey.  I can smell the rain not to far from me. I can see the rippling of the water from afar. As I inhale, scentless air enters my lungs with a sweet moisture. Everything is flowing the wind, the water, the trees and my thoughts. I am awaiting the first raindrops of Hurricane Irma. 

It has been 25 years since Hurricane Andrew hit and I remember laying on a mattress with my family in our small apartment listening to the whooshing sounds of the winds hitting the windows, with no power, in complete darkness. My dad listened to storm updates from a static battery operated radio. Who would have thought I would be greeted by another hurricane in my most recent move. 

These 3 months have truly shifted a lot exteriorly as well as inwardly.  I am always excited about a new adventure, yet I have realized that after any adventure there is a comfort in returning back to my home, my space, my sanctuary.  This move has brought up a lot of instability in my root chakra. The root chakra's energy is linked to the Earth's element and is associated with the feeling of safety, foundation and grounding, located at the base of our spine.  

My Root Chakra has gone missing?

I am experiencing a drastic change in my life with sweet embrace and love, there are parts of me that are showing me my shadows and insecurities.  At the young age of 35 this is my first time cohabiting with a boyfriend (besides a short lived 2 week sleepover from an Ex 7 years ago). I have stepped away from a 10 year commitment as an ER nurse (longest commitment to date, aside from my Sprint account) to pursue my dream of creating a Yoga space alongside my boyfriends Crossfit gym, collectively. Both of our passions are strengthened by building community, health and wellness, living with intention and purpose. My passion for nursing is molding into a different kind of art. My gift still lies in healing others,  but I have skillfully woven my personal healing with yoga and the art of breathing with intention to be my new modality to nurture, care and share with the world.  Although, nursing provides me with a sense of financial security, I am taking the leap to follow my dreams. You can see how my base, my sense of security which lives in the subtle bodies within our root chakra has been disrupted. I am having to relearn how to ground myself and connect with Earth as much as I can so that I can slowly rebuild my foundation. I am having to start over,  seeking my own sanctuary, establishing new friendships, build my community and tribe, and initiate new roots in my current environment.

A healthy, well rooted foundation is key to allow the energy to flow through.  A lack in infrastructure from within becomes difficult to meet the rest of ones needs in our chakra hierarchy.

If you find yourself in a similar place, lacking security or safety, basic needs for survival, support or foundation in your life.  Lets ground together and know that we are fully supported by Mother Earth. 

Join me in a five minute grounding guided meditation:

Just Breathe

Gypsy Nai