The Future is Women...

"...a new day is on the horizon!" Oprah voiced at the 2018 Golden Globes. An immense shift is upon us all. The hindered voices of women are on a rise. 2017 was a slow awakening, a stepping out and stepping up. 2018 will be a major influential year for WOMEN. This has been a lot of work in progress with many powerful women stepping up into action with their voices. This is not the first time we are witnessing this, but the paradigm is shifting, WE; women are coming together to support one another and this is a force to be reckoned with. It is a beautiful dance between Strength and Vulnerability infused with rhythms of love and hues of nurture. Let us collectively pause.... and take a breath of gratitude. Grateful for our ancestors, the women that came before us; our mothers, grandmothers, great grandmas and all those who walked before them. A lineage of power and strength that gave us life and walked on this earth with their own story of triumph. Whether they made it in history books or not, it is because of their personal journey that we are all here today and we owe this forthcoming change to them. 

I am passionate about the influential power of women, perhaps the loss of my mother at such a young age made me value the unconditional love of a mother, the strength of a housewife, the commitment to her children, respect and loyalty to my father.  As I get older I value and miss the words of wisdom that come from my nurturer, from the woman who gave life to me and my siblings and sacrificed life for family.  I believe the strength she instilled in me, has been a reminisce of her. My wild spirit tends to and advocates for women to be independent within their flesh. I have actually had to work opposite of most. I have had to learn how to co-live, co-love, co-habit and allow men in my life to support and love me fully. My upbringing in a hispanic household made me view "women" in the kitchen" and men "in the workforce. Perhaps, my personal upbringing is a result of my views of strength. Although, I believe in strength, I have learned and am still learning their is beauty in vulnerability. My drive for independence is no longer to prove that I do not need a man, but rather from a place of freedom, power and softness in knowing that we can co-exist. That there is no division among us, but rather a force of unity, support, love, respect and loyalty. I have had to unravel old stories and barriers to allow myself to be fully powerful, yet vulnerable in both my own skin and in the arms of a man. Because the truth is, we can be both; Strong & Vulnerable.

Love from a Strong & Vulnerable Woman,




what I know for sure is that speaking your truth is the most powerful tool we all have..jpg